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Khimar, Niqab,.. Islamic Clothing Online Store

khimar, Abaya, Hijab, shayla, jilbab, niqab, burka, chador are clothing veils to follow Islam religion Quran Sunnah Sharia dress code.

We sell Islamic attire tunic, pants, skirt, kurtis, thobe, Arabian kaftan, Hajj & Umrah wear, caftans, Embroidered galabeya, Hijab pins, socks, bonnet caps, scarves, shawls, hats, gloves, arm covers, and swim suits per Prophet Hadith that kids practice swimming, archery and horse riding.

We offer design Jewelry, Arabic calligraphy tapestry art, prayers rugs, toilet sprayers, sewak, body cupping Therapy, henna, papyrus, tattoos, post cards, coins, stamps, posters and ethnic tribal Arab Bedouin crafts.

Veiling is a gift to Muslim women to please Allah. Our fashion and modest styles meet the needs of brides, women, men, kids, weddings, parties, schools based on Islamic culture, traditions and beliefs.

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